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  • Machine tool field


    Machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic means of production of equipment industry, is the basic equipment of equipment manufacturing industry, mainly for automobile, military, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, power equipment, railway locomotives, ships and other industries services. The machine tool industry is strategically important both economically and technologically. Its superior equipment design capabilities and manufacturing processes,

  • Metallurgical field


    There are many kinds of metallurgical equipment, not only the equipment needed by the raw material factory, but also the equipment needed from the upstream process to the downstream process, such as the steelmaking process, the steel rolling process, and the leveling process. All kinds of bearings are installed on these equipment. These bearings are used in metallurgical equipment unique iron powder, water, hot working conditions, but also to meet the heavy load + vibration shock, from ultra-low

  • Wind power field


    Wind power industry is facing huge pressure, need to improve the design, performance and reliability of wind turbines and reduce maintenance costs, and save the cost of per megawatt hour, wind turbine operator must ensure the equipment running over a long period of time as far as possible, because often in harsh conditions, at sea, in cold weather or remote areas, the performance and reliability of the fan challenged, also faces the maintenance cost is high, the replacement parts delivery time i

  • Agricultural field


    Because agricultural machinery is mostly used in muddy water environment and heavy duty working conditions, it has higher requirements for foreign body resistance and long life. Size, location, altitude, climate, soil structure and crop rotation, make each farm is unique, and farm equipment need to operate in many similar challenging conditions, is full of mud, dust and debris, extremely hot and cold temperature, the rains washed out, sometimes a corrosive chemical, after idle for a long time, a

  • Automobile field


    In the environmental protection consciousness and strict emission regulations, driven by the auto industry is undergoing huge changes, manufacturers must improve the efficiency of the engine, cars and light trucks to reduce car weight, and reduce emissions, but most of these improvements, can be implemented at the component level, no matter what challenges facing you, our products - from a single seal and bearing to complete powertrain solutions can help you to develop low friction, lightweight,

  • Mechanical field


    The active places of construction machinery are mostly mining sites in mountainous areas and desert areas, which are far away from the ordinary life of human beings, sometimes even working 2,000 meters underground. There are many kinds of this kind of machinery, from mineral crushing machinery to cutting machinery, screening machinery, loading machinery, transportation machinery, etc., are 24 hours a day continuous operation of equipment. Any failure of any of these machines can have a major imp

  • Printing field


    Printing roller of high precision and no wear bearing support related to generate high resolution printing image, all applications, and we have been focused on the field for a long time, optimize the potential not only depends on the individual components: continuous improvement in all printing subsystem after fine-tuning to perfect before, can't be at the lowest cost to maximize, reliable print quality. To meet the growing demand for performance and cost-effectiveness, understanding the com

  • Railway field


    Railway train with high reliability of the bearing in the early development and later in the process of performance improvement, fully grasp the actual conditions of use, and its considerable reduction in the evaluation of experiment is very important, to ensure the stability of railway vehicles and ride comfort is one of the important mission of railway bearing, according to the railway gauge, wheel diameter and axle load, wheelset can have different configuration and design, since all of these

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