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Company profile

Shandong ZIVI Bearing Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the production of precision bearing the national high-tech enterprises, the company has domestic initiative of precision bearing automated production line more than ten, has yearly produces 5 million sets of precision bearing ability, capable of producing inner diameter 3 mm ~ 100 mm, precision grade P4, P2 500 varieties of products, customers include precision machine tools, high-speed spindle, high-end medical equipment, aerospace, instrument electrical and other industries, is the present domestic precision bearing industry competitive enterprises.

The company has strong technical strength, advanced equipment and technology, the company based on ISO9001, GB/T307 internal quality management system, environmental management system effective operation, introduction of foreign advanced numerical control equipment, more than 10 sets the product production capacity and manufacturing precision rises again, to ensure the product quality, shorten the production cycle, for with the customer cooperation laid a good foundation. The company is based on the service of supporting domestic and overseas customers and enterprises, can meet the needs of replacing imported bearing matching and export bearings.

The company will make unremitting efforts to strengthen the fine management of bearings before sale and after sale, and strengthen the concept of terminal support and customer service. "Honesty and credit, customer first" is the company's business purpose, "franchise, professional" is the company's business strengths, the huge inventory is the company's strong business backing, in order to meet the needs of all kinds of customers.

In the future development process, people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, and actively take the new industrialization road, so that innovation accompanied the whole process of enterprise development. In production and management, we should give full play to the advantages of the brand, optimize the industrial structure and product structure, effectively change the mode of growth, and create a more brilliant and brilliant new chapter!


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