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Metallurgical field

There are many kinds of metallurgical equipment, not only the equipment needed by the raw material factory, but also the equipment needed from the upstream process to the downstream process, such as the steelmaking process, the steel rolling process, and the leveling process. All kinds of bearings are installed on these equipment. These bearings are used in metallurgical equipment unique "iron powder", "water", "hot" working conditions, but also to meet the "heavy load + vibration shock", "from ultra-low speed to high speed + rapid acceleration and deceleration" and other operating conditions, in its possession of very bad working conditions.

Steel smelting process is extremely harsh, equipment need to load in the high temperature of 3000 c, 3 000 tons, extremely slow swinging, peak load and vibration environment operation, every day a large amount of cooling water is under high temperature, and high impact, and increasing production requirements, and maintain or even improve the quality of the finished product of the challenge, at the same time, the operator is under cut unit costs, improve product quality and reduce the pressure of environmental impact for daily production safety has not easy industry such severe challenges.

Temperature and speed limit, continued high impact load and abrasive dust, corrosive chemicals, and high humidity, the metallurgical factories are facing extreme conditions, it is safe to say that other industries is one of the few challenges, these conditions can cause equipment aging, unplanned downtime, even in good situation can make effective maintenance becomes difficult, increasingly stringent environmental and health and safety laws and regulations also makes environmental protection and employee safety a top priority.

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