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Wind power field

Wind power industry is facing huge pressure, need to improve the design, performance and reliability of wind turbines and reduce maintenance costs, and save the cost of per megawatt hour, wind turbine operator must ensure the equipment running over a long period of time as far as possible, because often in harsh conditions, at sea, in cold weather or remote areas, the performance and reliability of the fan challenged, also faces the maintenance cost is high, the replacement parts delivery time is long, affect generating competitive advantage, therefore, using reliable components and USES the intelligent process is very important.

Special bearings for wind turbines require high reliability. This is because the bearings are designed to keep the windmill running for 20 years, and the parts are not easily replaced in the event of a failure. Bearing manufacturer requirements, therefore, have highly computer analytic materials and heat treatment technology and consummate skill, sometimes need to master the test evaluation technologies of large bearing material, wind turbine spindle configuration is gear transmission, half part of the straight drive or straight drive design, no matter adopt what kind of configuration, must be able to withstand the axial and radial load, and is able to run under changing conditions, our offer can be used for various types of configuration and turbine design of suitable products.

Any can reduce maintenance measures can improve the return on investment, reduce the average cost of energy at the same time, we cooperate with leading original equipment manufacturers for many years, to optimize the performance of wind turbines, improve equipment reliability and capacity, we design and development of bearing, seal, condition monitoring system and lubricating system, these products help to achieve more cost effective wind energy and reduce consumption of lubricant.

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