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According to the Law of the PRC on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers and the Product Quality Law of The People's Republic of China as well as other relevant laws and regulations, our company has the following specific provisions on the return, replacement and warranty of the goods that have been sold to the customers:

1、Customers who have purchased goods from Shandong Zivebearing Co., Ltd. are requested to inspect the goods on the spot when receiving them in order to ensure their own interests. If the goods are found damaged in transit, you have the right to ask the delivery personnel to take back the goods and redistribute them or ask the post office to show proof and claim compensation from the post office.

2、The goods can be returned only once for free to us. Please contact us again within the valid time after having checked all the gods, and please prepare the product and delivery note for inspection

3、If the return is due to the customer's own reasons, please contact the customer service center and return to our company under the following conditions:

(1)Complying with the return period: within 1 week after receiving the goods.

(2)The package and goods are intact;

(3)The original shipment document shall be attached. If it has been invoiced, please return the invoice together;

4、If any quality problem is found after receiving the goods, you can call for returning the goods within 5 days after receiving the goods. When returning the goods, you shall return the goods in the outer packaging together with the inner accessories and the sales receipts. We will exchange or refund the goods to you within 2 working days after receiving your goods.

5、The goods you want to return must be complete with the original packaging, accessories, instruction manuals, and warranty card; you should also have documents that can effectively prove that the goods were purchased from us.

6、The company has the right to refuse the customer's return and exchange request if:

(1)The home delivery customer's return and exchange request due to no delivery error found. When you receive the goods, please carefully check and accept the goods according to the delivery note. The goods are short, missing, dirty, and damaged. Please indicate on the spot that the goods will be redistributed for free and will not be accepted afterwards.

(2)Return and exchange requirements exceeding the return and exchange period. Within 1 week of return, within 1 month of exchange.

(3)Incomplete returned goods or damaged appearance.

(4) The customer's delivery note or invoice is missing or incomplete.


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