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Automobile field

In the environmental protection consciousness and strict emission regulations, driven by the auto industry is undergoing huge changes, manufacturers must improve the efficiency of the engine, cars and light trucks to reduce car weight, and reduce emissions, but most of these improvements, can be implemented at the component level, no matter what challenges facing you, our products - from a single seal and bearing to complete powertrain solutions can help you to develop low friction, lightweight, can reduce CO2 emissions from the solution.

More than 100 to 150 bearings should be used on each car. The products include small, lightweight, high-quality hub bearing units with super durability; To support the continuous evolution of the engine, the use of advanced technology for water pump bearings, tensioner bearings and other engine related components bearings; All kinds of bearings used in variable speed gear for smoother, softer and lower loss, etc. Modern gasoline and diesel engines are more capable and advanced than previous automotive engines, but still require further improvement. Our system combines bearings, seals, lubricants and mechanical and electronic technology to improve automotive engine performance by reducing friction and increasing power density, among other factors.

Each customer faces a different challenge and therefore needs a different solution. Our expertise in bearings can help. In addition to offering many standard products, we also offer custom bearings that can meet the exact requirements, a variety of bearings that can make the car safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

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