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Agricultural field

Because agricultural machinery is mostly used in muddy water environment and heavy duty working conditions, it has higher requirements for foreign body resistance and long life. Size, location, altitude, climate, soil structure and crop rotation, make each farm is unique, and farm equipment need to operate in many similar challenging conditions, is full of mud, dust and debris, extremely hot and cold temperature, the rains washed out, sometimes a corrosive chemical, after idle for a long time, and must carry on the operation of the high strength, rising fuel costs and new environmental protection laws and regulations, can only complicate matters. We offer solutions for equipment at all stages of the crop cycle. With a complete portfolio of standard bearing products and customer-specific solutions, you can achieve high reliability at lower cost of ownership and operating costs. Reduced lubricant consumption, easier to manufacture and resulting in less waste.

With our expertise in bearings, seals, lubrication and more, we help OEMs achieve reliability, safety and environmental goals for a wide range of mechanical applications. Whether it is a monolithic unit that does not require disassembly or additional lubrication, or a centralized lubrication system that automatically performs lubrication tasks, agricultural solutions can meet the industry's growing application needs.

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