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Non-standard bearings

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Non-standard bearings are non-standard bearings. In general, they are bearings that do not conform to the dimensions specified in the national standard, that is, all bearings whose dimensions are different from those specified in the national standard. Its main characteristics are, low degree of universality, mostly for special equipment, special occasions, small batch, new research and development equipment trial products account for the majority; But because of its scale change, mass production, production enterprises are not many, the cost is high, the price is more expensive.

The inner diameter or outer diameter, width (height) and dimensions of standard bearings conform to the outer dimensions of bearings specified in GB/T273.1-2003, GB/T273.2-1998, GB/T273.3-1999 or other relevant standards.

Non-standard bearings are not on the size and structure of standard bearings, which belong to non-standard bearings, that is, bearings produced according to customer requirements. For example. Non-standard internal and external 49 standard 50 other things are the same, that 49 belongs to the non-standard, you have to according to the size of the customer's book structure ratio, otherwise do not know 49 is the national standard or 50.

There are different structures, such as some steel balls, rollers, more or less, this rare, generally can be the general full name is non-standard bearings.

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