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Note when selecting rolling bearing clearance

Today to introduce you to the bearing in the rolling bearing selection clearance considerations! Rolling bearing clearance, divided into adjustable and non-adjustable. In addition to angular contact ball bearing, tapered roller bearing, thrust ball bearing and thrust roller bearing clearance adjustable, the rest of the categories of bearing clearance can not be adjusted. Clearance adjustable bearing, in the installation and use process should be adjusted, through the use of the process of adjustment, can partly compensate for bearing wear caused by bearing clearance increase; clearance can not adjust the bearing, in the assembly and use process still to check the clearance. According to the inspection result decide whether need to reassemble, repair or replace.

Axial clearance and radial clearance does not have a big relationship, when installed directly control the axial clearance. Individual use or paired use has to be considered separately. If a single bearing is used, as this bearing is separable, the axial play needs to be controlled by yourself after installation at this point. Can through the micrometer measurement shaft axial limit position to measure (push and pull the limit position of the displacement); If is paired use, only need to inside and outside the ring are top dead can, by the processing and manufacturing process of the groove position to control the clearance.

In high precision and not much heat occasions, can use negative clearance, measurement time push is negative clearance, but a slowly become small and to negative process, if suddenly too tight, will lead to hold shaft burned; If precision requirements are not high, installation axial clearance control in 0.1-0.3mm between, if shaft heat more serious, clearance also need to enlarge again.

Select rolling bearing clearance, should also consider the following 7 aspects:

1. bearing working conditions, such as load, temperature, speed, etc.;

2. the bearing use performance requirements, such as rotational accuracy, friction torque, vibration and noise, etc.;

3. bearing and shaft and housing hole for interference fit, resulting in bearing clearance reduction;

4. bearing work, the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings lead to bearing clearance reduction;;

5. because of the shaft and shell material expansion coefficient is different, lead to bearing clearance reduce or increase;;

6.Because of the bearing inside and outside the ring temperature difference, deep groove ball bearing need to bear a larger axial load or need to improve the alignment performance, require to improve the limit speed and reduce the bearing friction torque and other occasions;

7. When the basic group can not meet the use of the requirements, then should choose to use auxiliary group clearance. Large clearance auxiliary group is suitable for bearing and shaft and shell hole using interference with, small clearance auxiliary group is suitable for requiring high rotational accuracy, need to strictly control the shell hole axial displacement, and need to reduce the vibration and noise occasions.

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