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Precautions relating to the use of bearings

Rolling bearing use matters:

1、Do not open the package when not in use, and do not place after opening the package.

2、Use the environment to keep clean.

3、Use the specified tools and jigs for assembly, and keep the jigs clean.

4、Do not use cloth that will produce cloth shavings or dirty cloth.

5、To clean the surrounding parts before assembly.

6、Do not touch the bearings directly with your hands.

7、Do not apply shock and high load on the bearing.

When using rolling bearings, if the rolling bearings do not have a good grasp of the characteristics and working environment of the correct use, it will not give full play to the performance of the bearings. In addition, improper use will cause failure and damage, so must pay careful attention.

Rolling bearing operation check:

①After the rolling bearing is assembled, in order to confirm whether it is normal, the running test should be carried out.

②If abnormalities are found during the running test, stop running immediately for inspection.

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