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Preparatory work before installation of rolling bearing

Before the bearing is installed, the appropriate measuring tools should be used to check the machining quality of the shaft and the seat hole and the related parts, such as dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and surface roughness, according to the technical requirements on the design drawings.

If there are bumps, burrs, rust spots or solid particles (such as wear debris, sand, dirt) on the assembly surface of the shaft and the seat hole, it will not only make the bearing difficult to install and the installation position is incorrect, but also the solid particles fall into the surface. The bearing will act as a grinding machine. When the bearing rotates, it will wear or abrade the working surface of the bearing. Therefore, it must be inspected carefully before installation. If any of the above defects are found, it should be corrected. For example, oil mites are used to remove burrs, bumps, rust spots, and light sanding, such as cleaning solid particles, dirt, and the like.

The surface of the assembly should be cleaned with a clean solution of gasoline, kerosene, toluene or xylene, and dried with a clean rag and then coated with a thin layer of lubricant to make the installation easier.

Open the bearing package at the time of installation, immerse it in the above-mentioned liquid such as gasoline to gently rotate the hand, and ensure that the sealing oil on the cage, the rolling element and the raceway surface is thoroughly cleaned.

When cleaning a large number of bearings, first use hot oil with a temperature of 90 ~ 100 °C to melt the encapsulating oil, and use the tool without front and no chipping to dig all the old oil, then rinse for a few minutes, then rinse with kerosene Go to the oil and wash it again with petrol. After cleaning and cleaning, put on the film gloves and place the bearing on a clean cloth on the workbench or on the paper to dry.

Note that sealed bearings cannot be cleaned by this method. The inside of the seal should be kept as it is.

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